Our signature brew

  The beer that made us famous, a refreshing Belgian ale made with a small amount of wheat malt, Belgian candi sugar, and three hops for the perfect balance and complexity.

Steampunk amber

a california commons

 Our homage to California Steam Beers, with multiple layers of hoppy goodness in this brew with traits of both an ale and a lager.

larkins Summer light

a summer saison

  A summertime session ale reminiscent of Belgian farms with a touch of wheat, orange peel, pepper, ginger and saison yeast. 






More complex hoppiness than our Larkins Summerlight, but lower in alcohol for easy drinking and relaxing in our garden.


A smoky well-hopped porter with a peppery bite from organic smoked chipotle peppers. 6.25% ABV 38 IBU


Melon Stout

 Our dry stout with a luscious mouthfeel and the hint of honeydew with Huell Melon hops. 4.59% ABV


A gentle dry cider for easy sipping. 2% ABV 0 IBU

Lemony Tafel

Our table beer with just the right hint of lemon thanks to Lemon Drop hops. 4.3% ABV 18 IBU

Space Maiden

A special something extra with our Lemony Tafel makes this an extra special sipper. 4.3% ABV 18 IBU

Many of our beers are only available seasonaly at our two locations. Please check back often for new announcements.